What was going on in the 1st commercial & investment meeting between Iran & Turkmenistan

  • 30 June, 2023

What was going on in the 1st commercial & investment meeting between Iran & Turkmenistan

In the first Iran and Turkmenistan commercial & investment meeting in Mashhad, different issues were discussed, including optimized use of two countries economic capacities, empowerment of production companies, facilitation of two countries relations and investment fields

Mohammadreza Tavakolizadeh, the chairman of Khorasan Razavi Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture, in this meeting maintained, “in various economic aspects, Turkmenistan has had considerable progresses in recent years; along with the development of infrastructures in this country, there is a capacity for doing joint projects between two countries private sectors too. Meanwhile; our province enjoys a proper potential to export engineering and technical projects services and facilities.”

He continued, “private sector in Khorasan Province, being next to Turkmenistan, has variety of commercial and economic interactions with this country and it is ready to be efficiently active in its developing and infrastructural projects thanks to Khorasan companies’ high knowledge and potentials in engineering and technical services field.”

The necessity of revival of Economic Diplomacy between Iran & Turkmenistan

In this meeting, Majid Mohammadnezhad, chairman of Iran & Turkmenistan Joint Chamber of Commerce, said, “economic diplomacy between Iran and Turkmenistan should be revived in a correct way; a diplomacy that can remove obstacles resulting in two countries commercial interactions decrease. Nowadays, commerce among countries has been overshadowed by world events and macro – economic planning that shows the importance of economic diplomacy in expansion of commercial interactions with other countries, because in limited conditions possibility of export is zero.”

Referring to 1.5 to 2 billion dollars of commerce between Iran and Eurasia, he continued, “Iran capacity for interaction with Central Asian countries is much higher than such figures; in fact, there are potential capacities which should be activated and not ignored.”

Turkmenistan intends to develop commercial & Cultural relations with neighbor provinces

Mr. Gaiypov Ilyas, Turkmenistan General Consulate in Mashhad saying that his country has started increasing its commercial and cultural relations with neighbor provinces such as Khorasan Razavi, Khorasan Shomali and Golestan, maintained that, “having three borders, Khorasan Razavi is the gate for Iran to enter Central Asian countries. Iran and Turkmenistan relations will improve through neighbor provinces.”

He added, “Iran’s specialized economic exhibition in
Ashgabat in February 2023 and participation of 70 Iranian companies in that, is a clear evidence of two countries economic and commercial relations growth.”

Turkmenistan General Consulate in Iran emphasized, “use of investment opportunities between Iran and Turkmenistan will considerably increase two countries commercial relations and by two countries officials’ trips, their economic and commercial relations will be solidified and augmented.”

Turkmen Companies wish to improve economic relations with other countries

Noor Jamal Malkayva, representative of Turkmenistan Chamber of Industries in this meeting, pointing at visits that Turkmen commercial delegation paid to Iran’s different industries and economic and commercial exhibitions, said, “such visits from Iran exhibitions and various industries, increase Turkmenistan familiarity with Iran, and two countries economic relations. At the same time, to enhance two countries economic relations, more influential and important activities are on the way.”

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