About us

About us & The duties and powers of the chamber

“Iran Chamber of Commerce” was founded as a non-profit institute in Tehran in 1926 in order to provide requirements of the country’s economic development and to establish a forum for the commercial, industrial, mining and agriculture managers for their dialogues. 22 years later “MCCIMA” was establish in Mashhad in 1948. Mr. Gholam-Reza Shafei as the head of the chamber has been leading “MCCIMA” since 2013.

The duties and powers of the chamber

  • Coordinating and cooperating between businessmen, industrial, mineral, and agricultural entrepreneurs in realizing the related laws and current regulations of the country and rules related to the chamber.
    Offering consultation to the Legislative, Judiciary and Executive powers regarding the economic issues such as commerce, industry, mining, and etc.
  • Communicating with the chambers of other countries and establishing Joint Chambers and commissions with them based on the fundamental policies of the IR of Iran and establishing import and export unions and production syndicates.
  • Studying the foreign markets for the Iranian export goods and promoting and helping the related entities to participate in the commercial fairs inside and outside the country.
  • Encouraging domestic investment in production affairs, with emphasis on production of export goods with competitive advantages.
  • Helping to review and arbitrate the national and international disputes which may arise between the members or other applicants.
  • Establishing and managing the economic statistics and Information Center to improve and control the tasks and activities of the chamber.
  • Issuing membership cards, commercial cards and issuing and confirming international documents based on Iran chamber responsibilities.
  • Holding applied courses in commerce, industry, mines and common services based on the national needs.


Address: Next to Bagh-meli, Imam Khomeini Ave., Mashhad, Iran
Phone: +98 (51) 32216000 Fax: +98 (51) 32216040
Website: www.mccima.com E-Mail: info@mccima.net