History of Mashhad Chamber

A glance at the establishment date of Commercial Chambers indicates that Commerce Chamber was established on October 9th 1926 in the Ministry of Commerce in Tehran; and Commerce Chambers Law was passed in 1930. All this bears witness to this period businessmen and traders’ extensive activities.

As shown by the first article of the Commerce Chambers Establishment Law, establishment of a commerce chamber, in the country important commercial centers, had been based on that area need, suggestion of the Ministry of Domestic Economy and the government approval. However, because of the government interference with commercial activities, and increasing it by making exceptional laws and monopolizing the country foreign commerce, actually commerce chambers were suspended.

It was in 1936, under the pressure of traders and businessmen, that the government let commerce chambers to reactivate, although just 16 of them, including Mashhad Chamber of Commerce, could do so and found the chance to work.

In 1941 decrease in central government power, the need for establishment of chamber of commerce, in addition to efforts of a group of businessmen, a new law, called the Establishment of Commerce Chamber Law, was approved; two guild associations named Guilds Union, joined it.

Following Tehran Chamber of Commerce establishment, in other large cities, like Mashhad, chambers of commerce started in 1940s. Regarding the new law, Mashhad Chamber of Commerce started its activities in 1948.