the presence of several potentials for cooperation development between Iran & Belarus private sectors

  • 5 May, 2023

Emphasized in a meeting between Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce & Belarus Ambassador on

the presence of several potentials for cooperation development between Iran & Belarus private sectors

Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture in a meeting with Belarus ambassador, mentioned that two countries large number of potentials, with regard to their previous positive transactions, will lead to the development of mutual cooperation in this sector.
Gholamhossein Shafei in a meeting with Dmitry Koltsov in Mashhad Chamber, pointing at longstanding relations between two countries, indicated Belarus as one of Iran priorities to establish commercial relations and maintained, “during recent years, Belarus has had stable economic conditions and its GDP growth confirms this issue. Development of its infrastructures such as roads, bridges, dams &…has been one of Belarus government policies in recent years. At the same time, Iran in technical & engineering services has had suitable relations with this country and presently more facilities in Iran are available in this field, particularly in Khorasan Razavi Province, which can be a ground for part of two countries economic transactions to follow up and increase.”

Emphasis on Khorasan Razavi exceptional geographical location

Shafei, regarding unique location of Khorasan Razavi as one of the provinces with potentials for development of economic relations with Belarus, stated, “Khorasan enjoys a unique geographical location and it is considered as Central Asia entrance gate; besides, located on North-South corridor, a considerable amount of goods shipment road from China, can be connected to free seas through Iran which paves the way for more commerce.”
Then the chairman of Khorasan Razavi, pointing at its economic potentials and market, added, “because of Imam Reza Holy shrine, every year 30 million pilgrims and health tourists visit this province which makes it a substantial potential as a consumer market. Also in Iran – Belarus conference in Tehran, both sides showed interest in exchanging economic delegations between two countries and more specifically between Khorasan Razavi and one of Belarus provinces. On behalf of Khorasan Razavi Chamber of Commerce we are ready to host a provincial chamber of commerce from Belarus.”

Emphasis on economic transactions growth & strengthening relations between two countries private sectors

Dmitry Koltsov, plenipotentiary ambassador of Belarus to Iran, also named transportation as one of the fundamental and primary fields of economic relations between Iran and Belarus and maintained, “Khorasan Razavi due to its geographical location has considerable potentials in this field including machine manufacturing, agriculture equipment, food industries and electronic issues.”
Koltsov confirmed, “two countries can have profitable provincial and regional commercial relations and that is why I would like to invite both countries economic campaigners to visit Khorasan and one of Belarus province economic potentials. We are ready to host economic campaigners and commercial delegations from Khorasan Razavi in one of Belarus province. With regard to agreements between two countries, I invite chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce to pay a visit to our country in order to have negotiations over the establishment of a communal committee and have necessary follow-ups.”

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