The necessity of increase in flights between Iran & Kyrgyzstan

  • 20 April, 2022

Kyrgyzstan ambassador insisted on: The necessity of increase in flights between Iran & Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan ambassador said, “we have several priorities in relations with Khorasan Razavi, one of which is tourism. In this issue our main objective is to increase flights especially to Mashhad; by having more flights and people’s transportation, we will have more economic relations.”
According to Public Relations of Mashhad Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, Turdakun Sydykov in his meeting with the chairman of Iran and Mashhad Chambers of Commerce and other economic campaigners of the province spoke about the available capacities for business relations between his country and Khorasan Razavi, and said, “Kyrgyzstan has got numerous capacities in several fields including energy, power, tourism, shipment, transit and agriculture, and our priority is bilateral relations in all these fields.”
He mentioned Khorasan Razavi and Mashhad respectively as a province and a mega city with lots of desirable features and potentials and added, “in Khordad we hold Iran expo in Bishkek, through which Iranian products especially those of Khorasan Province will be introduced in order to present this province capacities and facilities to the people of Kyrgyzstan.”
He then maintained, “during the exhibition, Kyrgyzstan and Khorasan Razavi traders will have enough chances to meet and get familiar with their counterparts; an issue which will directly influence the expansion of economic and cultural relations between two countries.”
The ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Iran appreciated his presence in Khorasan Razavi and stated, “our approach in such events and meeting with the province private sector is knowing each other more and getting aware of potential capacities and facilities.”
He continued, “the main responsibility and ultimate objective of Kyrgyzstan embassy along with Khorasan Razavi Chamber of Commerce in their meetings is the development of suitable conditions for both sides people and traders, something that we do our best to achieve.”

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