Readiness of Iran’s private sector to expand economic transactions with Kyrgyzstan

  • 20 April, 2022

Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce emphasized on: Readiness of Iran’s private sector to expand economic transactions with Kyrgyzstan

Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Commerce said, “expansion of economic activities and foreign business affairs with neighbor and region countries has always been one of the top priorities of the government of Iran and its private sector’s attempts; in this issue, Kyrgyzstan enjoys a distinctive position.”
According to Public Relations of Mashhad Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, Gholamhossein Shafei, meeting with Kyrgyzstan ambassador to Iran, mentioned Mashhad as the place where the two countries economic affairs take place and maintained, “as soon as Kyrgyzstan acquired independence, Iranian economic campaigners and businessmen from Mashhad and Khorasan Razavi Province were the first to enter this country for economic transactions.”
Shafei referred to Kyrgyzstan economic rules, which are based on free market, as the most important feature of this country economy and stated, “these rules which are desirably in effect now in this country are a strength for its economy and a valuable capacity to absorb investment; even it is said that these rules are about to be rethought and revised to improve even more.”
Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce named Iran’s membership in EAEU and Shanghai Cooperation Organization as a suitable ground to expand economic affairs with Kyrgyzstan and reminded, “our country private sector is willing to boost economic transactions with Kyrgyzstan and Iran Chamber of Commerce is ready to cooperate.”
Shafei reminded, “Iranian businesspeople and investors, in recent years, have invested in Kyrgyzstan and established production units in two free zones, Bishkek and Manas; regarding new situations it is expected that this trend continues and we have more economic relations with Kyrgyzstan.”
He said that there are variety of fields for cooperation between two countries and highlighted, “two countries have acceptable economic transactions; although in mines, agriculture and small scale and medium industries there are still plenty of facilities for both sides to cooperate.”

Kyrgyzstan water resources: a capacity for Iran extraterrestrial cultivation
Speaker of the Private Sector Parliament also referred to Kyrgyzstan unique water resources and acknowledged, “regarding this issue this country is a highly fertile land for agricultural activities; besides, with respect to shortage of water resources in Iran, extraterrestrial cultivation has become a concern for responsible officials here and fortunately two countries friendly relations pave the way to concentrate on extraterrestrial cultivation in Kyrgyzstan. Of course there should be related negotiations and interactions between two countries public and private sectors.”
Shafei then considered Iran’s export of technical and engineering services to Kyrgyzstan especially to Bishkek and assessed companies’ performance as satisfactory. He then said, “Iranian companies have done praiseworthy projects in Kyrgyzstan development and expansion of ways and roads systems; but with planning for future this capacity in technical and engineering services is still of great use.”
He then talked about the significance of shipment, specially railway freight transport in development of two countries relations and expressed, “in shipment, other countries between Iran and Kyrgyzstan are effective too and there are some problems for which both countries should talk to their neighbor countries in order to find solutions.”
Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce by mentioning the upcoming trip of Kyrgyzstan minster of foreign affairs to Iran added, “we do our best in order for our economic campaigners to make the best out of this event and surely we will devise a comprehensive plan for that.”
Shafei appreciating Kyrgyzstan ambassador’s attempts to enhance economic transactions, addressed Mr. Turdakun Sydykov, “regarding two countries policies, we hope our economic affairs increase and existing capacities and facilities are properly used to heighten such transactions.”

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