The necessity of considering Kyrgyzstan standards to increase Iran export to this country

  • 11 May, 2023

Maintained in a meeting about Kyrgyzstan commerce & investment opportunities in Mashhad:

The necessity of considering Kyrgyzstan standards to increase Iran export to this country

In order to examine ways to increase commercial transactions with Kyrgyzstan and bilateral economic cooperation capacities, a meeting about Kyrgyzstan commerce & investment opportunities was held in Mashhad Chamber of Commerce in which Khorasan Razavi economic campaigners, officials, traders, and Kyrgyzstan officials attended.
Mohammad Reza Tavakolizedeh, chairman of Khorasan Razavi Chamber of Commerce, in this meeting maintained, “looking at Kyrgyzstan progress course, clearly shows that this country gradually succeeded to achieve considerable growth by replacing 100% prescriptive economics with free economy; Kyrgyzstan is the only country in Central Asia that has preferential tariffs with European Union and achieved unbelievable successes through that.”
Then Tavakolizedeh spoke about the importance of considering goods standards in Kyrgyzstan to export to that country and stated, “Kyrgyzstan standards are like those of European Union and we need to adapt with them to find a desirable position in its markets; albeit, most of our products have necessary standards. More activities and membership in world organizations enable us to use Kyrgyzstan good and profitable markets.”
Mohammad Hossein Roshanak, member of boards of directors of Khorasan Razavi Chamber of Commerce, named having direct flights to Kyrgyzstan as one of the necessities of commercial transactions between two countries and added, “wagons provision, direct flights and easy goods shipment are fundamentals of transactions development with Kyrgyzstan.”

Kyrgyzstan has suitable conditions for investment & economic activities

Tordogan Sedigov, Kyrgyzstan ambassador to Iran, by mentioning that there are appropriate facilities in Kyrgyzstan for commerce, explained, “Kyrgyzstan has friendly relations with the whole world including Iran. We shall witness closer and broader relations between two countries when Iranian commercial delegations enter Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is among the world countries with the lowest customs duties and has unique conditions such as economic and commercial security that enable Iranian traders to have desirable economic activities. For Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan traders there is one-to-five-year tax exemption, which we hope to have the same for Iranian traders as well.”
Saeed Kharazi, Iran ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, also said, “during the current year we will see positive changes in two countries relations through which economic campaigners’ obstacles and concerns in addition to banking transactions problem will remove.”

Advantages of relations with Kyrgyzstan to reach world market

Anoushiravan Ghodsnahri, the representative of Iran and Kyrgyzstan joint committee, then, counting Kyrgyzstan capacities, pointed at this country mines and water sources and continued, “Kyrgyzstan has considerable and rich resources that Iran by paying attention to them can develop its interactions. This country is a member of ECO, Shanghai and world trade organizations and these are features which Iran can use to transact with the world markets through Kyrgyzstan.”

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