Development of commercial interactions between Iran & Tajikistan based on Khorasan Razavi & Khatlan economic capacities

  • 22 May, 2023

Expressed in the 3rd meeting of joint council of Iran & Tajikistan entrepreneurs:

Development of commercial interactions between Iran & Tajikistan based on Khorasan Razavi & Khatlan economic capacities

On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, the 3rd meeting of joint council of Iran and Tajikistan entrepreneurs was held in Mashhad Chamber of Commerce in order to develop mutual cooperation, in which Khorasan Razavi officials and economic campaigners along with a delegation from Tajikistan including Khatlan Estate officials and traders attended.

Mohammad Reza Tavakolizadeh, the chairman of Khorasan Razavi Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture said, “by relying on economic capacities and potentials of Khorasan Razavi and Khatlan, the development of commercial interactions between two countries are possible, and on this way, we need to depend on our cultural commonalities and two nations old relations.”

Regarding two countries commerce statistics, Tavakolizadeh maintained, “our value of export to this friend and neighbor country was 170 million dollars last year, while our import value was 80 million dollars. With regard to the economic products capacities and even two countries markets need, such figures are inconsiderable. We should direct our efforts to development of commercial and economic interactions, and for that we need to focus on two countries privileges particularly provinces and estates potentials.”

Khorasan Razavi export share is 77% of Iran whole export to Tajikistan

He mentioned that 77% of Iran whole export to Tajikistan has been done by Khorasan Razavi and reminded, “our province total commercial interactions with Tajikistan was 205 million dollars last year, that shows considerably higher amount of export than targeted figure in this field, which was supposed to be 167 million dollars; meanwhile, this figure designates the high capacity of this economic target market for our province.”

Farhad Rasoulzadeh, the chairman of Tajikistan Khatlan Province Chamber of Commerce & Industry said, “Khatlan Chamber of Commerce emphasizes on development of commercial and economic relations with other countries including Iran, and we believe Khorasan Razavi and Khatlan can play significant roles in this field.”

Saying that cooperation with Iranian factories and companies are valuable for them, Rasoulzadeh invited Iran and Khorasan Razavi economic campaigners to participate in Bakhtar Food international exhibition on May 24 & 25 in Tajikistan.

Mohammad Hossein Roshanak, chairman of joint Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Tajikistan, also maintained in this meeting, “agriculture is one of potential capacities to develop interactions between two countries. Today Tajikistan enjoys great water resources which is considered the best wealth in the world and possibly, in current water conditions, it can be said that these water resources are more precious than any other kind of capital for this country. This reality, plays a pivotal role in our relations with Tajikistan in agriculture.”

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