Iran & Pakistan barter transactions are a step towards two countries relations growth

  • 4 December, 2022

Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce meeting with Pakistan Consulate General in Mashhad:

Iran & Pakistan barter transactions are a step towards two countries relations growth

Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce in a meeting with Pakistan Consulate General in Mashhad emphasized on the necessity of the growth of relations between two countries and the execution of the current tactics, particularly to implement agreements related to barter transactions.

Gholam Hossein Shafei described two countries’ economies as complementary due to their being neighbors, and spoke about considerable capacities available for cooperation in this field. He maintained, “during the last two years, Iranian government has conducted new activities to expand economic relations and has done some efforts for preferential trade and free trade; however, there are obstacles on the way and economic interactions haven’t been executed satisfactorily yet.”

Shafei then continued, “while ago, a delegation from private sector in Iran with a number of members of parliament visited Pakistan and had negotiations with that country authorities especially its Central Bank. To finalize barter commerce with Pakistan, soon, an Iranian delegation will visit that country; possibly a new door for economic relations opens.”

Regarding other outcomes of Iranian economic delegation to Pakistan, Shafei mentioned, “one of the achievements was to sign an MOU between Iran Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Pakistan chambers of commerce about arbitration and dispute resolutions.”

As part of his speech, Mr. Shafei named transit and transportation as two problematic issues between two countries and added, “two countries economic relations in ground and rail transportation have problems. Iranian drivers have serious problems for driving in Pakistan; besides, two countries border infrastructures are not satisfactory, so both sides are supposed to take serious actions and steps to improve them.”

Shafei referred to the influence of the region political changes on two countries’ economies and declared, “two neighbor countries policy making and economic relations need to be changed and enhanced in accordance with the changes taking place in their region.”

He insisted, “in Mashhad Chamber of Commerce we are ready for development of mutual interactions and taking essential measures to support two countries economic relations. Regarding this issue, Mashhad Chamber of Commerce International Department will be in close contact with Pakistan Consulate.”

Then Muhammad Sheryar, Pakistan General Consulate in Mashhad, started by saying, “I believe mutual economic, political and cultural relations between two countries are developing and the consolidation of such relations should be both sides priority. To do so, we are ready to follow up all necessary affairs in Pakistan Consulate in Mashhad.”

Considering two countries transportation problems and drivers’ challenges, he maintained, “we hope in upcoming negotiations we find solutions for two countries drivers’ issues in particular, and transportation issue in general. We also insist on the growth of economic interactions focusing on two neighbors’ capacities.”

He, as part of his speech, mentioning the importance of Pakistani traders’ participation in economic exhibitions in Mashhad and other parts of Iran, confirmed, “contribution in such events increases the interactions between two countries economic campaigners and traders. We are completely ready for every cooperation or coordination in this field.”

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