Examination of Kyrgyzstan & Khorasan Razavi Common Economic Grounds for Cooperation

  • 21 July, 2022

There was a meeting between Gholam Hossein Shafei, chairman of Mashhad Chamber of Commerce, and Sydykov Turdakun, ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Iran, along with a number of the province economic campaigners in order to discuss common cooperation grounds between two countries private sectors.

Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Gholam Hossein Shafei, in this meeting stated, “in recent years, Iranian traders and investors, in two free zones “Bishkek” and “Manas,” have invested and started productions units,” he then hoped, “with regard to new conditions, such activities and economic interactions with Kyrgyzstan will continue.”

Shafei maintained, “growth of economic interactions and foreign trade affairs with our region and neighbor countries has been a top priority for both Iran government and private sector, in which Kyrgyzstan is in an exceptional position.”

He then added, “regarding construction and development of transport networks in Kyrgyzstan, Iranian companies have already done valuable projects and by planning for the future, this capacity in field of Iranian technical and engineering services can be used to its full.”

Then Sydykov Turdakun, Kyrgyzstan ambassador, said, “we have several priorities to interact with Khorasan Razavi and one of them is tourism. In this field we insist on more flights to Iran and particularly to Mashhad, because more trips and flights increase economic relations.”

He then maintained, “in Kyrgyzstan there are plenty of capacities in energy, power, tourism, shipment, transit and agriculture; our priority in mutual relations are all these fields.”

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