Bright Horizon in Economic Cooperation between Iran & Kyrgyzstan

  • 21 July, 2022

Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce emphasized on:

Bright Horizon in Economic Cooperation between Iran & Kyrgyzstan

Gholam Hossein Shafei, chairman of Iran and Khorasan Razavi Chambers of Commerce met and talked to Kyrgyzstan Osh governor and this country ambassador to Iran. In this meeting where a group of economic and organizational campaigners also attended, both sides discussed available potentials and fields for interactions and economic and business transactions between two countries and provinces in addition to removal of potential obstacles on the way for investment in two countries.

Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce said, “history of economic interactions between two countries is positive and I see bright horizon for future; being so, it is necessary to define economic cooperation standards between two countries in order to expand interactions between them.”

Shafei mentioned some limitations in economic exchanges between Iran and Kyrgyzstan and maintained, “one of the problems is lack of a suitable banking relation between two countries for which several times it has been suggested that an Iranian bank opens a branch in Kyrgyzstan to solve Iranian investors and business men’s problems there.”

Not to issue bank guarantees, Shafei named, as one of the problems that prevents from export of Iranians’ technical and engineering services to Kyrgyzstan and expressed, “regarding the region changes including Eurasia in addition to the use of Russian banking system make it is possible to reach a desirable point in issuance of band guarantees.”

Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce pointing at our country abilities in technical and engineering services, reminded, “Iranian companies providing technical and engineering services have acceptable records in Kyrgyzstan; a considerable amount of Bishkek streets asphalt and construction of part of the road between Bishkek and Osh were done by Iranians. Iranian companies have significant competence in doing construction projects; however, the unsurmountable obstacle before them is lack of bank guarantees which, with respect to present capacities, we hope to get solved.”

Investment capacities for Iranians in Kyrgyzstan

Osh governor said, “our country, and our province in particular, in agriculture and mines have unique potentials, so there is investment possibility in these areas.”

Ziaoddin Jamaldinov stated, “Osh coal mines are very rich and there are other rich minerals sources such as gold, basalt and marble in which investment is possible.”

Osh governor named construction projects in this province as another capacity for investment attraction and added, “we are ready to change land use according to investors’ requirements; investment in Osh is a serious issue and there are ideal conditions for Iranian investors.”

To simplify issuance of visa for Iranians

Kyrgyzstan ambassador to Iran said, “two months ago we had a meeting with Khorasan Razavi governor which was a head start for our good relations; we are interested in development of interactions with Khorasan Razavi and this province has already had appropriate relations with Kyrgyzstan. Our diplomatic relations have lasted for 30 years now.”

Sydykov Turdakun added, “one of desirable issues in two countries relations can be development of production sector with contribution of Kyrgyz producers and manufacturers which increases export to our country; meanwhile, strong attendance of Iranian companies in Bishkek and Osh exhibitions results in introduction of potentials and abilities of production sector and Iran export, in addition to development of two countries relations and goods exchange.”

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